According to Sasha Bezuhanova and Borina Andrieu, we have to analyze the novel coronavirus not only as a challenge but also as an opportunity to change the world in a better way. You can find the full podcast of SHEleader Beyond Tech in the article.

Collective consciousness would elevate on a new level after COVID-19 crisis and we are seeing the first signs: impressive acts of solidarity, sharing, and co-creation. This is one of the main conclusions during SHEleader Beyond Tech: an online dialogue between Sasha Bezuhanova, founder of MOVE.BG, and Borina Andrieu, managing director of global architecture company Wilmotte & Associés. The event was the second special webinar that creates a bridge to the international SHEleader@digital conference postponed for September with respect to the measures taken to limit the Coronavirus effects.


SHEleader Beyond Tech was broadcasted for free online and everybody was able to participate in the dialogue. You can find the full webinar as a podcast at the end of the article.

A global conversation


Ms. Andrieu, who was born and grew up in Bulgaria, has lived and worked in many places all over the world and since 2004, has been part of Paris-based Wilmotte & Associés. She has been involved in several inspirational architectural transformations of iconic buildings around the world, including turning Halle Freyssinet into Station F –  the world’s largest startup incubator.


According to Ms. Andrieu, COVID-19 is a big global challenge but we have to look at it via different angles, including an optimistic one: as a way to change today’s world into a better place.


“The situation is extremely, extremely difficult and we see it probably just from one side. I am quite optimistic because this kind of crisis can a little bit clean up everything that is not essential to our life and maybe we are going to learn the meaning of health, environment, family, who are the people that are important to you, what are the things that are really, really essential to your life and realize [those values] in such moment.


I do believe that the tomorrow’s world is going to be more human, is going to be better, it will change in the context of how we share because today it is very important to think about us but also about our neighbors, and even about our neighbors in countries that are not really well-off. We are reaching a moment that is a peak of collective consciousness how can we be better.”


According to Ms. Bezuhanova, the novel coronavirus is forcing society to change its lifestyle, business models, the economic system, and even personal values fundamentally. But this crisis as the previous ones in history should also be analyzed via the perspective of opportunities and how to create a better world after COVID-19.


“I also believe that collective consciousness will elevate on a new level. Sharing, collaboration, co-creation will be the new standards of the world. There is still inertia and maybe attempts by people that think in [the frames] of the current established models to keep history not to move so fast but this crisis is a big provocation to them.”

Female Leadership


According to Ms. Andrieu, usually, men are considered as more easily self-promoting while women are less overconfident and more judgmental to themselves. This is a very good point, the guest explained because when you are judgmental to yourself, you want to learn more.


“Women foster their teams in another way – with more well-being. They are taking care of their subordinates more and push them [to ucover] their potential. If you give people wings, they will fly – this is the most important thing. Also, if you trust people, they will pay it back.


To manage people you should love them, appreciate them, be conscious about their values and teach them.”


According to Ms. Bezuhanova, traditionally male leaders speak about targets, achievements, and figures and therefore we need a more feminine attitude in the current time of fundamental change in which we live in.


“I think this approach including love is more important now because the new world is emerging and women have a special role to play into growing this new world and that’s why is see more female leaders.”


Listen to „SHEleader Beyond Tech: the Creation of Sustainable Future“ on Spreaker.


SHEleader@digital 2020

SHEleader@digital is an annual international conference taking place in Sofia that provides a platform for a focused discussion on women’s roles in the digitally connected world we live in. It aims to outline solutions for attracting more women and girls to take on professional and leadership roles in the ICT and digitally empowered economy. The Conference also examines how women’s authenticity and the application of female values contribute to the development of sustainable and balanced organizations with high potential and prosperous societies.

SHEleader@digital brings together key female leaders from the business sector, non-profits, and public institutions from across Europe to engage in a dialogue on how we can effectively address those challenges and more importantly, set the tone to act upon solving them.

SHEleader@digital 2020 is organized by the Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology (BCWT), MOVE.BG and Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. The Conference will be held under the official patronage of Mrs. Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth. The official partners of the event are the World Bank, Visa, Dell, VMware Bulgaria, Cisco, Progress, Uber, Lidl Bulgaria, Experian Bulgaria, HeleCloud and Easy Consult.

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