Our mission is to bring together stakeholders from the business sector, the government, the academia and from non-governmental organizations, giving them the opportunity to support and to work for increasing the women’s professional participation in the sphere of ICT, as well as to take part in the development of technological and engineering products.

Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology cooperates in the implementation of regional innovative projects and stimulates research collaboration, exchange of good practices and resource mobilization in the ICT sector.


The vision of the Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology is empowering women and girls through education, science and technology. We invest in girls and women and encourage them to take up a career in the ICT, to become leaders in their communities, to become active participants in the decision-making processes.

We aim:  

  • To transform the image of girls and women in the ICT sector.
  • To contribute to the competitiveness of the Bulgarian and the European economy through development of modern and working skills in the ICT sector.
  • To increase the number of women and girls turning to technological education and to stimulate them for professional development in the sphere of ICT.
  • To support academic research and innovative projects in the field of technology.
  • To develop the technological and the entrepreneurial skills of our members through trainings and projects.
  • To draw attention to the ICT sector on a regional, national and international level.



  • Building and developing a professional network of women in science and technology.
  • Organizing trainings and conferences; conducting researches.
  • Developing and exchanging information and good practices among the members of BCWT.
  • Building partnerships with branch-organizations, as well as with other Bulgarian, European and international organizations and associations in support of a modern economic development.
  • Leading dialogue with the competent government organs and international institutions for policy changing.
  • Working on projects and participating in initiatives connected with women, science and technology.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via phone: +359 2 858 97 or via e-mail:  hello@bcwt.bg.