We talked with Moryana Filipova – the student who won Entrepregirl vol. 4.0



Moryana Filipova is the sixteen-year-old student who won first place in the Young Women Entrepreneur Competition “Entrepregirl”, organized by the Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology (BCWT) for the fourth consecutive year. Moryana is a student in the Sofia High School of Fashion “Maria Louisa” and usually performs with “My name is Moryana and I love fashion.” We introduce her to you as a designer, for whom we are likely to hear more about in the future, because in her we recognize the ambition, inspiration, creative energy and business talent which makes the fashionable brands successful. The collection with which Moryana won the Entrepregirl vol. 4.0 Award is inspired by Bulgarian folklore and takes on elements of traditional clothing and embroidery. Her clothes are already sold successfully on www.moryana.eu. More about this – see what she says!


Why did you choose to work with fashion and how do you imagine your development in this sphere?

Since I was quite young, I’m interested in art. I love to create all sorts of things. In the second grade, I started going to paint drawing lessons and one of my brightest memories is related to the enthusiasm to draw fashion sketches. My true passion was born the next year when I sewed my first dress for the finish of third grade. Unfortunately, I had not stitched it well and it unstitched in 2 hours.

In fashion I like the fact that you have the opportunity to experiment and use any materials and as a final result you get something really impressive and memorable.


Why did you participate in Entrepregirl and how is this Competition helping you?

I took part in Entrepregirl mostly because of the challenge. I wanted to hear the expert opinion of people who are completely unknown to me and who are well-established in different spheres of the business. I think my participation was a great decision because, besides the awards, of course, I received extremely valuable feedback about my project and managed to create important contacts for me and the future development of my business.



Tell us more about your collection and the inspiration for it!

One day after school I visited an exhibition of Chiprovtsi carpets and costumes in the Ethnographic Museum. There I met a very lovely woman looming carpets on a loom and she told me what the symbols meant and how I could put them on a garment. It inspired me to use these forgotten motives in the modern clothing.

The models I’ve created are comfortable and fresh. They are suitable for every day as well as for more formal occasions. There are different models that fit the different types of bodies. Each  embroidery (Shevica) is hand-embroidered on each garment.

The Shevica is something very special. It has not only embellished the clothes of our ancestors, but it carries much deeper meaning. The Bulgarian Shevica is one of the most valuable achievements for our Nation culturally. It is an expression of rich soul. Its symbol is directly related to the colors and elements used to make it.


What’s the most interesting part for you in fashion?

Fashion is freedom. It allows you to unleash all your potential and creativity to create something really important. I like it mostly because of the opportunity to experiment with different combinations in terms of the materials and techniques I use each time.

For example, when I create the same dress model, thousands of different combinations of materials and techniques can be combined and each time a different result is achieved, which is not only a challenge but also a great inspiration – to try again and again until I achieve the most spectacular and complete look for the model.


What kind of people do you want to do clothes for? Do you look at Bulgaria or International?

At the moment, my collections are designed for women between 25 and 50 years of age, but I would like to have the opportunity to make clothes for all ages. For now, I would like to stay here – in Bulgaria, but one of my most cherished dreams is for people to see my work over the world.



How can a Bulgarian fashion label be successful abroad?

Everything is important – the high quality, the creativity, stubborn and purposeful work. Of course, a good knowledge of the market you are targeting and the right marketing strategy are crucial. I guess luck is also important.


What would you say to the people who say you’re too young to run your own business?

I’m 16 years old. For a long time I believed that I had to wait until I reached the age of majority to start pursuing my dreams. Now I know this is not the case.

The best time to start your own business is right now. Because when you have a dream, you have to do everything you can to achieve it, and age is only a figure. I believe that the sooner you start confronting reality, the more prepared you will be for the challenges in the future, and for the big stage. Only when you feel you need it, of course!


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