The Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology, in partnership with Digital Leadership Institute, Begital, Amazon Web Services and Trust for Social Achievement juried the winner projects in Move It Forward Sofia with Women Roma – female digital starters weekend / inQube – female digital accelerator/.



The event Move It Forward – female digital starters weekend – in Sofia, Bulgaria, brought together 40 participants, teen and adult women aged from 18 to 60, majority being young women of Roma background, and three exceptional men to develop digital projects with and for women Roma. This initiative, part of the DLI inQube* female digital accelerator, was supported by top technology companies, women’s networks and communities and the digital startup ecosystem. Its objective is to give beginner girls and women the skills to drive positive change and enable them to become digital entrepreneurs and leaders.

The competition at the end of the event was interesting and multifarious. All participants showed very good development for their two days of training with their mentors. They managed to turn their potential into real skills.



The Chairperson of BCWT, Sasha Bezuhanova, awarded the Overall Winner with our Special Prize – One year membership and mentorship. “Don’t stay silent – Speak!” was the name of the winner project. A team from Bulgarian and Roma women created a Mobile App that will help women who are Victims of Domestic Violence.



With her Keynote Speech at the end of the second day Sasha Bezuhanova inspired and motivated the audience at the female digital accelerator. She presented the mission and the causes of BCWT, some of our projects and told them the story of her life path. She gave them her formula for success – If you want to achieve something big, you have to have big dreams and goals. And of course to be ready for a lot of work.



* inQube, an initiative of the Digital Leadership Institute, is Europe’s first female tech incubator and a dynamic global community of women tech entrepreneurs, mentors, business experts and investors sharing the know-­how and resources needed to deliver successful women-­led, digital enterprises in Europe and beyond.