How to be prepared for automation? What is deeptech and what skills do we need to start a career in the sector? Do we need an engineering background for successful professional development in the ICT?

The COVID crisis has proven how important it is to work on overcoming the challenges in the digital industry. One of the significant problems is how to develop a work atmosphere that stimulates the talents of both women and men. The European Union continues to experience serious difficulties in that direction – only 17% of ICT employees are women. Bulgaria is the leader in the ranking with 28% which is also not satisfactory.

At the same time, the lack of skilled professionals creates significant challenges for businesses and for economic development. Starting a career in the digital industry continues to be perceived as one that requires a heavy engineering background and mainly designed for men. Those stereotypes are being brought in the new, emerging technologies-based sectors including deeptech. Only 22% of the professionals in Artificial Intelligence are women, according to the World Economic Forum.

We need to urgently change the paradigm in order to be well-prepared for the digital transformation including for the process of automation.

What are the solutions?

We will search for the answers in the first episode of SHEleader in a SHEll for 2021. On January 28th our guest will be Lilia Messechkova, Senior Director, Software Engineering, and part of the Progress leadership team in Bulgaria. Lilia Messechkova has 15+ years of experience in the tech industry in creating digital business solutions, leading global teams, and achieving strong business results. As a senior software engineering director at Progress, she leads a team of 120+ software engineers, product managers, and UX designers.

Moderator of the discussion: Sasha Bezuhanova, Founder of the Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology (BCWT).

Join us online on January 28th at 6 PM EET. Register now and we will send you a link for the free web streaming of the discussion. SHEleader in a SHEll: Empowering Women in the ICT is the “Crisis as an Opportunity” Program of  Sofia Municipality, administered by Sofia Development Association. MOVE.BG is the communication partner of SHEleader in a SHEll.

SHEleader in a SHEll

A special format, organized by BCWT with the media partnership of MOVE.BG that creates a bridge to the international conference SHEleader@digital. It shows successful female leaders from the digital industry, modern art, and innovative green projects. SHEleader in a SHEll stimulates international dialogue and engages a broad audience with the aim to change attitudes and to stimulate a working atmosphere that opens the potential of both women and men.