Our mission:


The Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology (BCWT) exists to encourage women’s participation in the digital industry. Here, we create a supportive environment and create bridges between the ones who are interested in this process. We believe that our endeavor can be sustainable only if we bring in business, government, academia, and non-government organizations: that is exactly what we aim to do through our initiatives. As a part of the European Center of Women in Technology, we actively participate and partner with regional and international projects, aimed at stimulating the exchange of good practices.

Our goals are:


  • To stimulate more women to choose a career in the diverse digital industry 
  • To support more women to start their businesses and ventures
  • To create a secure environment for exchange and mutual support between women professionals and leaders in the digital world
    We believe that achieving these goals naturally contributes to the greater competitiveness of the Bulgarian and European economies. To achieve them, we carefully choose what we put our efforts into.



Our activities:


  • Through regular networking events and conferences, we build and develop a professional network in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship, science, and arts. 
  • We create formats that show the different faces of the digital industry and inspire young women to chose such a career path
  • We organize trainings to help women from different social groups to acquire skills needed in the digital industry
  • We strive to be a competent center for questions regarding the professional and personal progress of women in technology by conducting research, collecting and sharing information, and good practices among BCWT members.
  • We maintain and develop connections with Bulgarian and international branch industries, institutions, and associations, as well as competent governmental bodies, so that, if necessary, we can seek support or make recommendations.